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Testimonials from the Tour to Israel

Allen Jackson

I made my first pilgrimage to Israel in 1970. I was a sixth grader when my parents announced they were taking my brother and me on a trip to the “Holy Land”. Those days in the land changed my life. Years later my brothers and I returned to study archaeology at Jerusalem’s universities. The streets of Jerusalem and the land of Israel have become a significant part of our lives and spiritual journey.
I have continued to travel to Israel through the years and the various “conflicts”. For the past several years we have organized summer pilgrimages to Israel. Each time I extend the invitation the responses are the same. “Pastor we would love to travel to the land of Israel, but we are afraid.” The single greatest obstacle most people face when considering the journey is not the difficulty of travel, the physical demands of the trip or even the cost---it is the concern for safety.
Most of us are limited in our understanding of the Middle East to what we have gleaned from the media outlets. Unfortunately, violence in Jerusalem is of global interest. We receive a steady stream of highly politicized information regarding conflict in Israel. The result of this, understandably, is a great deal of apprehension in the hearts of persons considering travel to Israel.
My contribution to the spiritual development of those who travel is not primarily the impartation of Biblical insight or explaining the history of the sites visited---it is providing a steady, calm voice of assurance that a pilgrimage to Israel is not only safe, it is a transformational journey. Typically, we depart with a group of anxious pilgrims and within seventy-two hours they are transformed into a confident group of inquisitive, picture-taking adventurers.

The reality is that tourism is a great benefit to the citizens of Israel, both Jewish and Arab. There is a great deal of effort made to assure that those traveling to the Holy Land are welcomed and provided an opportunity to experience “the land.”
As we load the buses to depart Jerusalem and begin our journey home, the group of people who a few days earlier were filled with anxiety often begin to plan their return to Israel, typically with tears in their eyes. In a few short days they have sailed on the Sea of Galilee, climbed the Golan Heights, floated in the Dead Sea, bartered in the bazaars of the Old City of Jerusalem---their minds are filled with new information, their hearts with a love for the land and it’s people and they have gained spiritual insight which will enrich their lives for years to come.

The Johnson Family

In the life of all believers there are certain life changing experiences. Our journey to the land of Israel was such an experience. Reconnecting to the roots of our faith has served as the catalyst for a stronger walk with our Lord and a bolder witness to the truth for each member of our family.
Through the Jacksons, our family was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Israel at the turn of the millennium. From the baked stones of the Judean wilderness, to the cool tranquility on the banks of the Jordan River, the land of Christ teems with life and lessons. One cannot help but being changed upon visiting the cradle of the Faith. We eagerly anticipate our next visit to Israel, knowing that a greater understanding of the land can only renew our spirits and strengthen our faith in our Lord.

Larry & Susan Quesenberry

As a retired educator and business executive, we have traveled to Israel on four different occasions with Betty and George Jackson, whom we have been associated with for over 15 years in our community. We have traveled via Sar El Tours and have found this tour companies services exemplary. Our tour guide, Ronny Simon, communicates the truth of the Bible, revealing God’s great power, wisdom, and faithfulness. He reveals history and geography in ways for his companions to understand clearly.
As lovers of the Lord, we wanted to visit and revisit Israel to increase our awareness of the Bible and the stories we are familiar with as Christians. As Christians and Americans we wanted to learn as much as we could about the impact Israel has had on history and what role it will play in the future.
We promised our grandchildren a trip any where in the world that they want to go when they turned 15. Our oldest grandson chose Israel because of our impressions and enthusiasm. He had studied about Israel in school but wanted to understand better the test of doctrine and how it has impacted the traditions of our church.
Each time we have left Israel we find reason to rejoice. We leave knowing that the Lord is keeping His promises and proving the Bible to be true.