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Rumors of War

Dear Friends of Derek Prince Israel,

June 4th marks exactly 50 years since we sat together with our South Florida Bible Study Group and heard Derek Prince warn us about the “rumors of war” in the Middle East.

  • The following day, Israel bombs airfields in Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq, destroying 452 aircraft in three hours. Israeli ground forces also move against Egyptian forces in the Sinai Peninsula at four points. 
  • June 6th, Israel notifies Jordan’s King Hussein that it will not attack if his troops keep the peace. In response, Jordan opens fire along the entire armistice line and occupies UN Headquarters in Jerusalem.
  • June 7th, Israel gains possession of the Old City of Jerusalem for the first time since AD 70.
  • June 10th, a reunified Jerusalem was declared the “Eternal Capital of the State of Israel.” All familiar with the innermost convictions of the Jewish people can vouch for the certainty that Israel will never voluntarily yield up control of Jerusalem.

Zechariah 12:2 describes the reaction of all those surrounding Jerusalem.

These are, of course, all the Muslim nations of the Middle East. For them, Jerusalem under Jewish control has become "a cup that sends them reeling." 

In verse 3, Zechariah includes “all the nations of the earth.”

At present, the prophesies of Zechariah—and many similar prophecies from various parts of the Bible—fulfill three important functions.

  1. First, they show us very clearly the general direction in which world events are moving.
  2. Second, they enable us to align ourselves with the purposes of God.
  3. Third, they warn us that the climax of the age could well be close at hand.

With this in mind, this June we commemorate God’s victory over Israel’s enemies and the reunification of Jerusalem. We likewise celebrate the opportunity God gave us that night in South Florida—meeting Derek and Lydia Prince and hearing God’s Truth at such a pivotal time. Little did we realize how significantly our relationship with both the Princes and Israel would develop, deepen, and grow.

In October 2002, we had been praying and fasting for three days—focusing on a scripture, Psalm 90:12, which we had placed on our bedroom floor: “Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Our fast was to say to the Lord: “We are willing to go anywhere in the world.”

Our prayers were immediately answered with a telephone call from Jerusalem. Derek Prince was on the line, extending the invitation to a new ministry in Israel—the work in which we have endeavored since that time.

It is a joy and privilege to support God’s plans and purposes for Israel and His Church. Thank you, again, for the many ways you have stood with us,. We pray God will bless you in every way, especially with His presence.

Join us as we celebrate Jerusalem’s special 50th Year Anniversary.

In His Great Love,

George and Betty Jackson, Directors DEREK PRINCE ISRAEL 

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