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Jerusalem Takes Center Stage

It was early June, 1967 George and I walked down the street from our house in Hollywood Hills Florida, and for the first time we heard Derek Prince. “Tonight,” he began somberly, “we hear of rumors of war.” As he leaned forward, we recognized an earnestness in his face. “I’m not sure how many of you realize this, “but as dawn approaches in the Middle East, three Soviet-backed Arab armies are preparing to annihilate the reborn state of Israel.  Derek continued, “These rumors are all the more significant when we realize that just thirty years ago Adolf Hitler was making similar threats against the Jews of Europe. Six million of them perished before the world woke up.”

In our lifetimes the city of Jerusalem and the land of Israel has returned to center stage of God’s emerging purposes in the earth. We are all subjected to daily reports of violence in Israel and throughout our world. The conflict of spiritual kingdoms is being lived out before our very eyes. God is not surprised, nor is He unprepared. God is faithfully regathering and reestablishing the Jewish people in their homeland as He is preparing and purifying His Church. We must keep our eyes on God’s purposes, from that perspective there is no fear or anxiety. He has told us what is to come. He has counseled us to rejoice in anticipation. It is our great honor to serve our King in this most unique season.

We thank you for the all the ways you have encouraged us in 2014. Your prayers are priceless, helping us in so many ways, making possible what we accomplish. Have a wonderful Christmas!

In His Great Love,

George and Betty